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Patisserie, a passion

Born in the north of france with a french father and an english mother, i was lucky enough to be brought up with two cultures.

Very early on, I was attracted by cake making and patisserie, my aim was to turn this passion into my profession. My training at Le Touquet catering college, a prestigious catering college in France, graduating in patisserie,  gave me the basic cooking skills and the techniques needed for making good cakes.

When I graduated, I travelled extensively and gained experience tasting new cakes and pastries, and then completed my training by doing a Cake Designer course in England.

I am based in Bordeaux now and my aim and pleasure is to bake a cake that corresponds to requests, choosing your favourite flavours but I am keen on getting you to taste and discover new flavours that I have brought back from my World wide travels – exciting new tastes and designs.

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